PDA Dental Office Administration Course Outline

The following subjects are covered in depth from both a class lecture standpoint and practical clinical experience. The morning lecture is followed by an afternoon of clinical “hands-on” training in our state-of-the-art practicing dental office.

Introduction to Dental Office Administration

a) Definition and responsibilities of Dental Administrator

b) Organizational skills/ Time management

c) Professionalism, attitude, confidentiality, teamwork
Telephone Skills and Etiquette

Scheduling Appointments

a) Intro to Dentrix Appointment Book

b) Appointment scheduling/ Operatory protocol

c) Patient input

Specialists and referrals

Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Issues and Responsibilities

a) American Dental Association Code of Ethics

b) Dental Regulations and the role of Government Agencies

Dentrix Family File

a) Documentation of patient

b) Creating the file

c) Medical Alerts and flags

d) Patient Notifications

Dentrix Family File Continued

a) Navigating the Family File

b) Patient statutes

c) Notes in Family File


Intro to Dental Insurance

a) Obtaining patient insurance information

b) Inputting dental insurance into Dentrix

c) Predetermination of services and coverage services

d) Insurance Verification sheets

Dental Insurance Continued

a) Dentrix Ledger

b) Dental Claim form

c) Explanation of Benefits

d) Claims submission process

Dental Terminology and Anatomy

a) Anatomy of the Oral Cavity

b) The Teeth

c) Growth and Development of the teeth

Dental Services and Coding

a)    Dental Treatment

b)    Diagnostic Services

c)    Preventative Services

d)   Restorative Services

e)   Endodontic Services

f)    Periodontic Services

g)   Prosthodontic Services

h)   Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

i)    Orthodontic Services

Intro to Dentrix Chart and Treatment Planning

a) Dental charting codes, colors and rules

b) Documentation of patient

Dental Radiology

a) Rules and Regulations of radiology

b) Types of dental x-rays

c) Procedures that require dental x-rays

d) Identifying teeth in dental x-rays

Dentrix Office Manager

a) Batching claims

b) Billing reports

c) Accounts Receivable/ Accounts Payable

d) Insurance payments

e) Posting payments

f) Collections

g) Office Reports

Employment Skills and Job Search Strategies

a)     Resume

b)     Marketing Yourself

c)     The Job Interview


Final Exam

Final Examination


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