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We are so proud of our students and all the jobs they have received. I am really behind on congratulating students on receiving jobs and starting their amazing career! First Ashlee Huntsman is a student currently attending our Saturday course and won’t be graduating until June 14th but guess what….? She got a job today!!!! If I could keep  you and all the other students in this class I would! Dr. Healey is such a lucky dentist to have you. You are going to be amazing. Congratulations to Islea Zepeda, Brooke O’Gwin, Kate Wilson, Stephanie Bradshaw, Kim Totten, and Zchonae Krauss. These are just a few that have gotten one but every week I will announce more:) We are so proud of all of you and love you guys! Come visit soon would ya?! To see some fun pictures of what goes on during our classes follow us on our Facebook page  and Instagram @pdaofutah

Upcoming events: We are going to be in the Strawberry Days Parade June 21st! Strawberry Days have been around sine June 1921 and is the longest continuing community celebration in Utah! We are so excited that we get to be apart of this great tradition and we know it will be a blast like always! Stay tuned for details as it gets closer! Hope to see you there:)

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