What does it take to be a dental assistant?

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A career as a dental assistant requires you to be patient, good with people, organized and efficient as well as good with your hands. It’s also a perfect opportunity for anyone interested in a career as a dentist, to get a hands-on look at what dentistry is all about.

Facts about Being a Dental Assistant

  • As an integral part of a dental team, you’ll be expected to do a variety of tasks that will include technical skills, interpersonal skills and organizational skills.
  • Dental assistants work daily¬†8 to 5 jobs with very little, if any, weekend hours. Part-time positions are available.
  • Dental assistants assist the dentist with patient-care procedures as well as interacting with staff and suppliers for office products.
  • Dental assistants do not perform the same tasks as dental hygienists.
  • Dental assistants are expected to address patients as they enter the practice, put them at ease and prepare them for their oral health appointment.
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