7 steps to take care of your childs smile

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1. Start in infancy. You should start gently wiping your baby’s tooth when it first emerges with a soft, clean washcloth. Your child will get used to the feeling long before childhood.

2. Use toddler tooth care products. Toddlers have smaller mouths than adults, and ideally should use toothbrushes designed for them. Use “training toothpaste” which does not contain fluoride in concentrations enough to cause harm if swallowed. Have him or her get excited about picking out a colorful toothbrush and a favorite flavor.

3. Floss. Remember to floss daily, so you can pick up plaque from your child’s teeth and gums before it hardens.

4. Start brushing your toddler’s teeth! Get the toothbrush with soft bristles and use a small pea-sized amount of the children’s fluoride toothpaste. Clean both the outsides and insides of your toddler’s teeth, also make sure to brush their tongue to get any hidden bacteria. Be sure to spend at least two minutes brushing; most people do not brush long enough. Clean your toddler’s teeth at least twice a day.

5. Go to the dentist. Keep regular appointments, and be sure to ask questions.

6. Give your child drinking water that is fluoridated. Usually it will tell you on a water bottle if the water is fluoridated, but if your drinking water supply isn’t fluoridated, you can talk to your toddler’s physician or dentist about getting fluoride supplements.

7.  Make sure your toddler is getting a well-balanced diet. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is good for dental care because it provides the vitamins and calcium to help maintain healthy teeth. Avoid too much refined sugar. Foods like apples can help reduce plaque buildup.

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