Shark Teeth

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In honor of the ever popular Shark Week on Discovery Channel starting this week, we thought we’d post our top 10 shark teeth facts!

1. Shark teeth are not attached to gums on a root like our teeth.
2. Sharks typically lose at least one tooth per week. (Can you imagine?!)
3. Sharks average out to 15 rows of teeth in each jaw. Although most have 5, the bull shark that has 50 rows of teeth.
4. Well after a shark dies and its body decomposes its teeth will fossilize.
5. It takes about 10,000 years for a shark tooth to fossilize. The most commonly found shark teeth fossils are from 65,000 year ago (the Cenozoic era).
6. Sharks are born with complete sets of teeth and swim away from their mother to fend for themselves.
7. A shark’s tooth shape is dependent upon its diet. For example, the Shortfin Mako Shark has razor like teeth that tear flesh, and the Zebra Shark has dense flattened teeth because it feasts upon mollusks.
8. The tooth of the infamous megalodon range from 31/2 – 7 inches long, and can weigh more than a pound!
9. Shark teeth were recently discovered to contain fluoride.
10.  Sharks do not suffer from cavities. (Lucky!)

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