Now Offering Orthodontic Assisting Class!

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In today’s world, dentists love assistants to help and assist in as many things as they are able to do. That is why we have always offered the cross training assisting and administration courses but we are so excited to now offer the orthodontic course!

We want to give every tool you need to become successful in the dental industry and we are confident we have it all! Many general dentists offer orthodontics in their offices now, plus this course will make it that much easier to get a job with an orthodontist! The 6 week course is purely hands on training directed to making sure you have the knowledge and most importantly, the skills. Take all three courses and there will be no stopping you in accomplishing your dreams!

Our Orthodontic Program includes:

  • Alginate impressions
  • Stone model pour up and trimming
  • Placing brackets and arch wires
  • Rotational wedges, ligature wires, kobayashi wires, and power chains
  • Orthodontic consultations
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