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It is midterms here at Practical Dental Assisting, so we thought why not take the opportunity to share some of our favorite study tips to help you ace any test!

  • Time-Management- It is not necessarily the amount of time you spend studying that counts. It’s what you can accomplish during that time. Take a minute to create a study plan, it will help you manage your time effectively to maximize your results.
  • Motivation – If you have a poor attitude, your study session will not be very productive. You have just one opportunity to pass that Geometry exam or ace the term paper. Pick a time of day where you can get motivated to prepare for tests, write essays, and solve problems. Don’t Procrastinate!
  • Concentration – The ability to concentrate is one of the more important study skills you need to develop. Life is busy, so chances are you won’t always be able to study in absolute silence or spend as much time as you would like on a particular subject. Learn how to overcome distractions so you can focus all your attention on your studies. Find out what works for you. Things like listening to classical music or even chewing gum, have been shown to help people focus.
  • When in doubt, ask – If you aren’t sure about a particular topic, don’t be shy. Ask your instructor, family, or friends for help. It is important to address the problem area as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will end up having to spend even more time studying to catch up. Plus, your instructors are more eager to help you if they see you are making an effort to understand.

So now you have the tips, go out and ace that test!

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