Naturally Whiter Teeth

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Summer is finally here, and nothing goes better with a fresh sun-kissed glow than a bright white smile!

Skip the bleach, here are some tips for getting NATURALLY whiter teeth.

  1. Crunchy fruits and vegetables have an abrasiveness that can help to lift stains from the teeth. They are like nature’s toothbrush! So try adding some applies, celery and carrots to your diet!
  2. Sugar free gum contains Xyoltol, which is a natural sweetener that can actually help to prevent plaque. It also increases salvia production, saliva is like the natural cleaner for our mouths, spilling through all cracks and crevices clearing away food and debris!
  3. Last, but not least, CHEESE. There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that eating a small amount of cheese after a meal can potentially help to prevent tooth decay and promote enamel re-mineralization. Plus, its delicious!

See you and your whiter smile at the beach!

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