Flossing Unnecessary?

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More than likely you have been told all your life a key component to dental health is FLOSSING. It’s never been anybody’s favorite pass time, but it’s always been a necessary one.

Well, that long held belief may be about to change. The latest dietary guidelines for Americans, issued by the Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services, has dropped any mention of flossing without notice. Apparently, not enough research has actually been done on the effectiveness of regular flossing.

The ADA still stands by the idea that flossing is indeed beneficial, despite currently lack of proof.floss

The only thing we now know for certain, is brushing with fluoride does prevent dental decay.

No one is out right stating that flossing ISN’T effective, but no one can rightly say it IS either.

So until further research, all of us guilty of rarely flossing are off the hook.

Though we can’t promise your dentist will agree at your next appointment 😉

{ Read more about the topic HERE }

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