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We have been thinking about working women lately. Our staff is made of entirely women, 90% of which are mothers. The majority of our students each year are women as well. We love having male students, and we encourage them to explore a career in dental assisting, but the fact is, currently dental assisting is ruled by women.

We wanted to learn more about the statistics of our fellow working women, and thought I’d share some of the information we found.


We were pleased, and not surprised, to find that dental assistants represent women at 93%!

There are 74.6 million women in the civilian labor force, 47% of the United States workers are women, and 70% of mothers with children under 18 participate in the labor force. In fact, mothers are the primary earners in 40% of households with children under 18. A HUGE increase compared to the 11% recorded in 1960.


We love working with so many awesome women, and are proud that dental assisting represents so many women!


Statistics found here:

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