Internship/Career Workshop

Our Internship Programs and Career Workshops

Real-World Experience Leads to Better Employment Opportunities

Going to school is more than just receiving a certificate: we believe it is an experience! As part of your experience at Practical Dental Assisting, we offer free internships at Synergy Dental after students complete week 6 of their classes and pass their midterm. This offers them live patient interaction along with a firsthand look at how to implement the concepts they are taught during class. This internship is not a requirement since not all students are available during the week to participate. But we strongly encourage all who are willing and able to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Also, as part of our active placement assistance program, we offer any and all help in providing students with an off-site internship if they are interested. We have found that those students who put forth effort to complete internships on their own time have a higher employment rate due to the experience gained and relationships made with Dentists and Assistants they may meet.

As a requirement, each student must submit a resume. Each of our instructors provides personal resume assistance to ensure that every student has a professional document that is geared to a dental office and incorporates every concept learned throughout the course, focusing on each individual’s strengths.

Another exciting new concept that we’ve implemented into our school is a career workshop that has proven to make a huge difference in the outcome of our placement rate. Students have rated this one of their favorite parts of the program and we continue to strive to raise the bar. We also keep thorough records of our alumni and keep them updated on new job listings or opportunities as they become available to us. 

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