10 Reasons to Complete Utah Dental Assisting Training

There are many reasons why good folks just like you choose to complete dental assisting school. For some, it is a stepping stone along their path to more advanced dentistry programs; for others, being a dental assistant is a terrific career in and of itself. There are probably as many good reasons for enrolling at Practical Dental Assisting of Utah as there are students! But here are 10 ones that really stand out.

  1. You will work in a professional setting where you get to help people stay healthy as well as feel great about themselves and their appearance
  2. Dental assisting provides really great work hours: in many cases, you may only work four days a week
  3. According to experts in the field, dental assistant hourly rates generally start at $11+ right out of school and experienced professionals can earn $20 or more. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for a dental assistant in 2009 was $15.98
  4. You don’t have to earn a 4-year degree: with Practical Dental Assisting of Utah’s comprehensive and competitive dental assisting training program, you can be on the job and earning good money in just 12 weeks!
  5. If you plan on becoming a dental hygienist or dentist, completing a dental assisting program is a great first step as you work toward getting a complete education
  6. There are opportunities for advancement in the field. Dental assistants may become involved in dental office administration, enter the teaching field as dental assisting instructors or even branch out as sales representatives for dental products
  7. It is an ever-changing field where you will constantly be learning and doing new things: it is an active profession that is ideal for “doers”
  8. If you have a growing family at home, opportunities for part-time work are excellent. According to the USBLS, fully one-third of all assistants worked part time in 2008.
  9. The job outlook for dental assistants is excellent. This occupation is projected to grow faster through 2018 than other occupations that require only on-the-job training or experience (The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  10. It’s a fun, rewarding and interesting career!

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The school you choose to complete your training really does make a difference: PDA is a dental assisting school in Utah that provides the quality hands-on learning you need in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

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